Visit a World Class Theatre in Gisborne – Dome Cinema

world class theatre in gisborneThis isn’t your average date night out at the movie house. Dome Cinema is a mixture of classic romantic elegance and modern fun. The Dome Cinema is a world class theatre in Gisborne. It is situated inside a beautifully decorated building, yet the atmosphere and experience will make you feel right at home.

World Class Theatre in Gisborne – Dome Cinema

The ceiling of the theatre features decorative domed skylights which let in soft light and red chandeliers. The floors are covered in fancy red carpet and instead of chairs, you’ll find cozy leather couches and extra-large, comfortable beanbag chairs to sink into while you watch your featured film or listen to live music.

Food and Special Events

Dome Cinemas offers a small but delicious selection of food from their “TROFF” menu, including burgers, chicken, fish, and homemade desserts, and will bring in pizza for certain event nights (check the event calendar online for details). The bar is also open during certain times, offering a full menu of spirits, wine, beer, and some sweet selections.

Reserve Your Event Tickets and Get There Early!

Dome Cinema is a small, intimate theatre, so tickets for popular events can sell fast! Be sure to get there early or you might miss out on your seat selection (the beanbag chairs are very popular). Please check the trailers and ratings before you go – most features are not appropriate for younger audiences. More information about this world class theatre in Gisborne can be found on their website .

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