Cheap or Free Activities in Rotorua in Spring

Cheap or free things to do in Rotorua in SpringSpringtime in New Zealand is a wonderful time, especially toward the end of spring as the temperatures start climbing up for summer. If you’re looking for cheap or free activities in Rotorua in Spring, here’s a list for you:

  • Kerosene Creek – Kerosene Creek is one of Rotorua’s best kept secrets. It’s a free outdoor natural hot spring open to the public. Pack a lunch, a towel and some swimwear for a spa-and-picnic afternoon. For a list of other hot springs, check out this link.
  • Rotorua Night Market – Weather-permitting, you can visit the Rotorua Night Market from 5pm until 9pm on Tutanekai Street, between Haupapa and Hinemoa Streets. Boutique-style shopping, ethnic fare, local entertainment, arts, crafts, produce – Rotorua Night Market makes for one of the most dynamic cheap or free activities in Rotorua in Spring.
  • Visit Kuirau Park– This park is free and open to the public. You can witness some geothermal activity that Rotorua is famous for, along with free thermal foot baths, a food market (6a-1p), hot springs, mud pools, crater lake and lovely gardens.
  • Maori Village of Ohinemutu – Experience Maori history as you walk around the paths of this living village. Please be respectful of the people and land by staying on the path.
  • Rotorua Central Mall – This is more of a modern excursion, but if you’re into browsing the malls and socializing with the locals, this is the place to go.

These are just a few of the many cheap or free activities in Rotorua in Spring. If you’re looking for more adventure in New Zealand and the Hicks Bay/Rotorua/Gisborne areas, be sure to check out our blog!

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