Okere Falls Store, A Taste of the Old Country Store

Okere Falls Store, north of Lake RotoruaJust off the beaten path, north of Lake Rotorua, you’ll find a pleasant little pit stop the whole family is sure to enjoy, the Okere Falls store. If you’ve plans to visit the Agrodome, visit Hells Gate volcanic spa, or a trip up the gondola to Skyline, you’ll definitely want to add Okere Falls Store to your itinerary before heading back to Hicks Bay for the evening.

On arrival at the Okere Falls Store, you’ll instantly get the sense you’re back in the old country. What was once a typical old country store next to a petrol station, selling baked goods, milk, candies and the likes, has now become a beloved and nostalgic gathering place for the Okere Falls locals.

The old building was purchased in 2004. Sarah Uhl. Along with her family and friends, they renovated and remodeled the store leaving the old country feel, while adding hints of the 1950s throughout. This little store now serves as a canteen to the local community where they can come and enjoy a boutique beer or espresso, kids can play around, and staple groceries and unique artisan finds can be purchased. There’s even a beer garden. While it’s a local favorite, visitors are always welcomed with warm smiles!

Sarah’s passion for good, healthful food shows on the shelves of the store because they are stocked to the brim with fresh, local produce and organics. Specialty foods also find their way into the mix, including Italian, German and Spanish gourmet treats. One might even derive enjoyment simply from browsing the unique items in stock.

Okere Falls Store can be found at 757A SH33 Okere Falls, Rotorua.

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